Setting Up Voicemail

Setting Up Voicemail


  1. Press the envelope icon on the phone when you’re not on a call.

  2. It will prompt you with a voicemail pin. Please enter the pin and press the # key afterwards.

  3. It should direct you to record your name after a tone, followed by your greeting which will be played when people first reach your voicemail.

    Name - When people are searching up by extensions, the recorded name will play to confirm.

    Greeting - Main recorded message before leaving a voicemail. (example: You have reached the voicemail box of Joe Smith, I am currently not available for a call…)

If at any time you want to re-record your name or greeting, please hang up and press the envelope button again. After you put in your pin, choose option 6, then option 1, followed by option 1 again.

Setting up your Voicemail