Access Voicemails from Offnet/Outside

The usual processes to access voicemails in the system are via the following:

  1. Press the voicemail button on the phones.

  2. Dial 5000 to access another extension's voicemails (it will ask for an account number and PIN).

  3. Dial 5001 to access your own voicemails (it will ask for a PIN).

  4. Or via the portal.

However, you can also access voicemails from an offnet/cell number which can be useful when you are out of the office and do not have access to your desk phones or the mobile app:

  1. Setting an option in an Auto Attendant to 'Check Voicemail' so that when calling the AA, you can choose this option to access voicemails:


2.  If a DID is pointed directly to your user/extension, you can call it and while your voicemail             greeting is playing, you can press * to access your voicemails.